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More about Hypnotherapy

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Is Clinical Hypnotherapy dangerous? No, there has never been a documented case of harm coming to anyone from the therapeutic use of hypnotism. There has never been a documented case of someone not being able to come out of a hypnotic state. It does not weaken to will of an individual. You will not do anything that contradicts your values and morals while under hypnosis. You are always in complete control.  All hypnosis is self hypnosis, this means you will not be guided unless you want to be, and often the mind goes a different direction then the hypnotic script.  When the mind leads you down a path, follow it, see where it goes.  There is probably some truth waiting for you.

What does it feel like? It is a pleasant state of physical and mental relaxation. It is similar to the feeling you have just before you go to sleep. You have to be open to it in order for hypnosis to occur. Anyone with an open mind and ability to concentrate can be hypnotized. There are varying levels of trance that the client may experience from a heavy trance to a light trance. Some clients hear every word and are actively involved in the imagery process. Others fall into a deep state in which they may or may not hear any of the words I am speaking. Both are aspects of healing the self and completely appropriate. What this means is that healing work is not defined to work one way. It works in all ways. I will work with you to understand your own unique process.

What methods are used? Hypnosis can be facilitated in a group setting, with a Hypnotherapist, or you can hypnotize yourself. If you can imagine than you can experience the process of hypnosis. A good Hypnotherapist will teach you self-hypnosis so that your changes can be further supported outside of sessions.

The Mind. The mind is like an iceberg. The very tip that we see represents the conscious mind, which is about 15% of our mind. At the water line is the critical faculty. Below the water is the bulk of the iceberg and the rest of our mind. The other 85% includes the subconscious, unconscious, and super-conscious mind. All of the deeper layers are accessed through the subconscious mind in the process of hypnosis. These deeper layers are here to support us and allow us to develop self-awareness. Sadly, we rarely use them. Our waking perception is influenced heavily by these deeper layers and we have the opportunity to affect our perception. When we can change our mind and our perception we have a real opportunity to change our reality. Our perception has a large influence over what manifests in our lives. Energy follows thought, therefore what we think and feel creates our reality.


What is the power of Clinical Hypnotherapy? It is the opportunity to allow the answers to come from within. You have all the answers you need. My job as a Hypnotherapist is to facilitate your self-awareness, assist you in developing a plan of action, and to educate you about the power of mind over matter. I am not here to tell you what to do. I am here to be of service and facilitate your empowerment.