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Experiencing Hypnotherapy for Healing
Kaye Coleman’s wisdom, energy and spiritual knowing are by far the most telling in a body so young. She is the woman in the Ringing Cedar Trees. Her ability to take any subject and create a class within days is nothing short of astounding. Her teachings consist of wisdom that is ageless, her mind is timeless, her style is etheric, her appearance is enchanting and her compassion is limitless. She comes from a space that most people only get to in their dreams and offers that same style of being to anyone who wishes to unlock that vision. Her commitment and ability to get to your inner level of being is felt through your entire energetic field. Her physical presence is comforting, her vision is keen and her knowing is wise. Kaye has the ability to take you to that place in your heart that longs to be set free and she will facilitate that action with ease and grace. I have been witness to and been a part of the power of her amazing gifts and have been able to let go of the binds that tie. If you are looking to take that one step up to a higher realm, unlock the potential you have within you, then I can offer no better soul than Kaye’s. She will take you to the next level. Namaste!
— C.S. Master Reflexologist


“Hypnotherapy and Birth

The way to birth is through Klarity Birth Hypnosis. A truly transformative and powerful experience. Our first child was a natural birth but the contractions were so painful I was throwing up and felt completely out of control. My birth plan didn't go the way I wanted because I was in so much pain that I couldn't communicate my needs. When we got pregnant again I knew there had to be a better way. Everyone says, "as long as the baby comes out healthy, that's all that matters." Well what about my birth story? What if there was a way to co-create strength, enjoyment and lifting both baby and mother to a higher state? There is!

I took Kaye’s birth hypnosis course with my partner in hopes to have a more peaceful birth. What I experienced not only blew me away, the medical staff at the hospital couldn't believe their eyes as well. With Kaye's guidance and the amazing tools I learned I was able to have a satisfying physiologic birth. I was also diligent in listening to a hypnotic script three times a day. When I pulled into the birthing center in active labor, they didn't believe me until they saw I was 7cm dilated. David, my partner, couldn't be by my side because our oldest son was ill, so I had to be my own coach. It is true that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, alone I breathed in our second child with full control, a few contractions got away from me but 90% was manageable and calm and a few of them were PLEASURABLE! I even called David as I began pushing and was able to be my own advocate to the doctor and nurses. 

Being pregnant again with our third!! I am so excited to see how I want this experience to be and design something magnificent. I know I will use Kaye if any fear arises, her tools were mostly instant in shifting and the one area that didn't move, I was able to take her guidance and move it myself.

 I am powerful, I am a mother and I can have experiences without fear and illusions. Birth is not scary, ladies. Learn these tools and find your story.”   - W.S.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety
Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the help Kaye Coleman has given me. I was dealing with severe anxiety and migraines for years. Kaye made me feel totally comfortable and helped teach me to relax and appreciate the good things in my life. She has a magic quality of combining a professional approach with an intuitive sense of what her client needs. She is so compassionate that I felt totally safe with her and our hypnosis sessions. I learned techniques to release the anxiety and see things through a different lens after working with Kaye. I couldn’t recommend her enough. She will change your life.
— D.P.

Hypnotherapy and Birth

Impact during Pregnancy - I met with Kaye Coleman to discuss my needs as a first time mom-to-be. My husband and I were excited about the pregnancy, but I was filled with the usual jitters. Kaye listened patiently to my needs; asked pertinent questions about my anticipated strengths and weaknesses; and prepared two very relevant and personal hypnotherapy scripts for me.

I loaded the two scripts onto an mp3 player, which I placed by the bed. I slept a significant amount throughout my pregnancy; however, I struggled getting back to sleep after midnight trips to the bathroom. Once I listened to one of Kaye’s scripts, my mind would quieten and I could easily drift off to pleasant dreams. I didn’t need them every night, because over time I improved at being able to reach a peaceful state by practicing the techniques described in the scripts. They allowed me to enjoy the temporary experience of being pregnant, prepare for the challenges of labor, and learn to believe my mantra about my ability to be a good mother. Even friends and coworkers began complimenting my new calm demeanor, which replaced my usual harried persona.

Throughout my labor, I listened to Kaye’s recordings over and over. Her tranquil voice and steady pacing helped me remain focused on the moment without becoming overwhelmed by the situation. For twelve hours, Kaye’s words of encouragement helped sustain my strength. As I held my son the first time and truly understood the depth of parental responsibilities, I repeated my mantra yet again to reaffirm my new role.

Post-pregnancy Impact - I have continued to successfully apply the skills that I practiced in my pre-pregnancy scripts from Kaye. While at home during maternity leave, I employed the mindfulness techniques to bond with my son and preserve strong memories of intimate moments breastfeeding. When I returned to work, I pumped milk three times a day. Sometimes it was challenging to transition mentally away from the project folders on my desk, incoming emails, and busy thoughts in order to produce nourishment for my son. In those moments I returned to the skills honed through Kaye’s scripts. I escaped my office surroundings and returned to the vivid memories of stroking my son’s skin, inhaling his sweet smell, and feeling the gentle caress of his tiny fingers. I attribute my healthy pregnancy, my healthy son, and our success breastfeeding to the relaxation and visualization techniques I gained from my personalized hypnotherapy scripts composed by Kaye Coleman.
— B.Q.

Hypnotherapy for Life Change
Before I met with Kaye, I felt as if I was just “surviving” in my life. After taking the time to heal, and with her help, my life has drastically changed for the better. I now feel like I am living a fulfilling and flourishing life! With a soothing voice, she helped guide me to the place I wanted to be. Every session with Kaye was so healing and productive. I was able to face obstacles, and find the tools I didn’t even know were there! Kaye has integrity and a nurturing soul. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants the benefits of living their lives to the fullest potential. I am eternally grateful and feel so blessed that I am able to get the opportunity to work with Kaye.
— J.D.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and OCD
I have an obsessive-compulsive disorder. It does not manifest in washing my hands until my skin peels off or cleaning my house until it shines. It does not include checking if I forgot to turn off the stove or lock my door a thousand times. Instead, I bite my nails and my lips and I do all kinds of awful things to my hair. It feels like an auto-immune disease. I constantly fight my body, trying to destroy it.

I know it has to do with childhood trauma because I started doing these things when I was a child after a traumatic event. At the age of ten, I started pulling my hair by the roots. I did it so often that I created a small bald spot at the back my head. When my teacher saw it, she took me to the nurse who sprayed a freezing liquid on my bald spot and that was it. Afterwards, the only “treatment” I received was a slap on the hand from my mother, accompanied by “stop it, you’ll go bald.” Sometimes there would be so much hair lying on the floor near my bed, my heart would skip a beat when I noticed the pile. I would sweep the hair with my hands and hide it in the trash.

When I did not pull my hair, I made knots and untied them. Each time the knot would be more intricate, more dangerously complicated, and each time I would untie it. Until I could not disentangle the knot and had to cut the hair with scissors. People who saw me putting knots in my hair would exclaim, “You made a knot in your hair,” and I would answer nonchalantly, “Don’t worry I am going to untie it.” Most of the times I succeeded. Sometimes I chewed on my hair and the little noises it made irritated the people around me who asked me to stop it.

Strangely enough, this behavior did not affect the look of my hair. It always looked healthy, full, and shiny. No amount of threats from my mother that I would end up bald could stop my compulsion. And the people who were irritated by my behavior… Well, they were close friends who learned to live with it. Or not.

After I had a baby, I decided to try hypnotherapy to stop sucking my fingers, another one of the unsavory compulsions I carried from my childhood. I didn’t want my daughter to see me doing it. When the hypnotherapist asked me to lie on the couch and relax, I was not convinced that hypnotherapy would work. I closed my eyes and listened to her speaking softly about something or other I cannot remember. I decided to suspend judgment and listen to her rather than to the voices inside my head that insisted on disbelieving: How can this work? She is talking and I am fully awake. This is not going to work. She is not saying anything spectacular or meaningful.

That night, when I went to bed, I was about to put my fingers in my mouth, and suddenly I heard her voice, “You don’t need to do it.” And that was all it took. I never wanted to suck my fingers again. I lost the urge. I didn’t need to do it. A few weeks after that session, I tried to put my fingers in my mouth and see how it felt, and could not find the position I used to put myself in while doing it. There was no pleasure in it for me anymore. I was completely free of it.

One of the only people I told about the treatment I did said that I was probably ready to give up my habit but I doubt it. I was ready to give it up since I was six years old. But I couldn’t and I was too shy to talk about it. I knew not to do it in public. The people closest to me knew about it and said nothing, letting me pretend that they did not notice what I was doing, to save me from embarrassment.
At a certain point in my adult life, I told myself that my habits/compulsions were not acute. I could stop at any time if I wanted to. Sometimes I would brush bitter liquid on my nails. It would help for a short period. My nails would grow, and I would feel accomplished walking around with my long nails. But eventually, the nails would split and break and I would start biting them again.

I also stopped pulling my hair by the roots. Instead, I started rubbing my hair until several strands would break and a small bald spot would appear on my scalp. I told myself that it did not constitute a serious disorder because I was not pulling the hair by the roots, only rubbing it. But the bald spot would expand, and when I looked at the mirror my heart would skip a beat, telling me that something must be wrong with me. I would tie my hair with a rubber band, or put hairpins around the bald spot, or clips to prevent me from rubbing my scalp. It helped for shorts periods. The hair would grow, the bald spot would disappear, and I would be able to tell myself that I was almost normal again.

I told myself that I could hide it. I was in control of my bad habit. I could stop whenever I wanted to. I told myself that no one could notice it, so it was okay to do it. I told myself that other people had worse disorders, and that mine was not as bad. I told myself that it was not harming me like narcotics or junk food, or binge drinking, or casual sex with strangers.

And so, I lived with this disorder year after year after year. Rubbing that spot helped me relax. It gave me pleasure. It brought me inside. Quieted my mind. When I rubbed my bald spot, alone on my couch, there was no one around to criticize me, make fun of me, or yell at me. I was safe from the world. I became unseen. Just me, and myself, in my hiding place.

But there was a catch. Deep down, I felt ashamed of my compulsion. Painfully ashamed and terrified that someone would not only see my bald spot but would also say something cruel. And I had no excuse. I had a sickness that I had to hide from the world. So I went into hiding where I could indulge in my sickness. And the more I rubbed my scalp the more tensed I became. I was living in a vicious circle of tension and relief, walking the thin line between guilty pleasure and fear of being discovered.

Last year, I was visiting a friend who lives in one of the most picturesque valleys I have ever seen. I was at peace, surrounded by lush vegetation, idle chickens, and several naughty dogs and cats. Magnificent sunrises stirred my soul every morning, and the sound of rain lulled me to sleep every night. One evening, as I was relaxing on the couch, my friend, who is a physician, noticed my bald spot.
“Do you have Alopecia?” he asked.
I could not lie. I said no.
“Then you have a disorder,” he said. Or maybe that’s what I thought I had heard.

I was too embarrassed to speak. I did not try to explain or deny it. I let it slide. Luckily, my friend did not press. But my heart was up in my throat and breathing became difficult. I was terrified of what he might think of me.

When I returned from my trip, I remembered the hypnotherapy session from many years earlier. I looked up a hypnotherapist and found Kaye. During out first session I confessed my disorder to her. It was painful to talk about it with a total stranger, but Kaye was supportive and reassured me that my disorder was treatable. You will see results, she promised.

The first session was long and touched on many areas. I was emotional and choked on my words many times. The last part of the session was devoted to hypnosis. I lay on the couch with my eyes closed and listened to Kaye speaking softly for about thirty minutes. I left feeling hopeful but with few expectations.

It took me a few days to realize that the uncontrollable urge to touch my hair and rub my scalp was not nagging at me anymore. I felt relief and somewhat surprised. I did not expect one session to have such a dramatic effect. I wondered how long it would last. As the days passed, my nails grew enough for me to notice that I stopped my self-destructive behavior. I painted them gold and went on with my life. I also noticed that my hair was growing again.

At the next session two weeks later, Kaye asked me what other issues I wanted to work on. I told her that I couldn’t decide what to do with my life. My landlady had just raised my rent and I wanted to move out of my apartment but I didn’t know what to do. Rentals in my area were expensive. I didn’t know where I should move to, either. Another state? Another country? I told Kaye I couldn’t imagine buying a house, and that buying a house was one of my biggest fears. She suggested we do a session to overcome my fears.

She sent me a recording of the session and I listened to it for several nights before I fell asleep. I think most nights I fell asleep within five minutes. Her soothing voice and the background sounds she added to the recording were like a lullaby for me.

A few weeks after that session I bought a house. I already live there.

It took me a few days to realize that I was able to bring myself to buy a house because something shifted in my brain or my subconscious during the treatment I received from Kaye. I have no other explanation.

Need I say more?

April 2019
— G.B.